Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Perception of Georgian Government in Russia

The news on political arena are developing very rapidly. As Dick Cheney is planning a visit to Georgia, the President of Russia has commented on this as a possible attempt of US in suppporting Georgia in military terms. There were already indications in the press about possible rebuilding of war power in Georgia.

The President of Russia has mentioned in his remarks that the US relations with Georgia should be reconsidered "because it has put Georgia in a very difficult position, caused serious destablisation and launched an aggression that ended in many deaths."

EU leaders decided at the European Council meeting in Brussels on Monday to freeze talks on a new strategic EU-Russia accord. Putin, the Prime-Minister of Russia has already commented on this decision, saying "Thank God, common sense prevailed. We saw no extreme conclusions and proposals, and this is very good".

Saakashvili, meanwhile, pointed to the moratorium on EU-Russia partnership talks as proof of Western solidarity behind Georgia. "Russia failed to break the unity at the heart of Europe," he told France 24 television.

The Russian foreign ministry said that "the intention to freeze talks about a new partnership agreement is a cause for regret." Medvedev had earlier criticised what he called the EU's failure to understand Russian motives for going to war in Georgia.
And he made the following remark during an interview which was broadcasted on Russian TV:"For us, the present Georgian regime has collapsed. President Saakashvili no longer exists in our eyes. He is a political corpse". Medvedev said in the interview broadcast on Russian television.

Medvedev sa d Moscow was ready to hold talks with the international community "on all sorts of questions, including post-conflict resolution in the region" of the Caucasus.

"But we would like the international community to remember who began the aggression and who is responsible for people's deaths," he said.

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Anonymous said...

The European Council and USA are promoting the democratic principles and sovereign status of any country in the world. In this regard, they are condemning attempts to "cut" South Ossetia from Georgia and annex it to another country's territory.

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