Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is Re-thinking Needed? Is Re-calculating worth it?

While US and almost all leading European governments are calling for harsh criticism and sanctions against Russia, Germany is the first to call for considerate approach, re-calculating possible economic implications of breaking normal trade and economic relations with Russia. Wise and objective, or tactful? You decide...and we all feel later...


Shurko said...

It was interesting for me to learn bout Swiss position on Georgian-Russian problem. Switzerland is neytral and is like Germany - the people of these countries are always very objectively calculating the pros and cons of everythign 9sometimes even for too long.

The answer to my question was obvious - Swiss government was not involved in any actiivites related to this conflict whiel the war was going there. And now after the war they offer their country as a place for negotiations. Purely netral state and - calculating the pros and cons. No one should think twice when the calculation is just saying that tomorrow you will hae to pay twice for the gazoline or electricity for houses and hospitals, if today you just follow the crowd and condemn Russians for their bullying.

My God, the world has been negligent about truth and it is so today. God saves us all.

PeterS said...

I think initial reactions of the European governments will cool down soon. It's just that they have to show that they are caring about Georgia and that they are still friends of this country, despite anything that happened just 3 weeks ago.

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