Sunday, August 31, 2008

Will the worsening of relations with Russia help the world?

Indeed, the tensions over Georgian-Russian war have escalated even further after the war ended this month. US is criticizing, EU is threatening with sanctions, Russia is responding fiercely...

But one should think whether it helps the world these days, as the fuel prices are already high and affecting each aspect of economic and social life of the societies in all parts of the world. If Europe is imposing economic sanction on Russian goods, will it include oil and gas in the coming winter season? Will this be good for European consumers who already feel financial burden and anticipate further problems of the financial markets? Are these questions well considered by politicians, or are they just playing already lost game just to save their image?

The world has changed, and it brings about the need to think twice before announcing new policies or actions towards any country of the world, as implications are becoming more and more unpredictable, if not analyzed through the prizm of new realities.

The world has changed to the point that price fluctuation in one part of the world is immediately felt in all countries and regions and small conflicts could lead to global confrontational disputes. Is this what the world needs now? Or something completely different and new? Your thoughts...


Maksim said...

Yeah, right. Russia is wrong, and NATO is right. NATO troops kill children (look at today's news) in Afghanistan, which is also a sovereign country with different groups trying to get the control over its territory. But nobody is saying a word about NATO. ALl the fuss is about Russia.

EU sends monitors to Georgia after the war is over. WHere were these monitors when the war couldhave been prevented?

The problem is not about Georgia - the problem was is and will be Russia and the West.

Anonymous said...

All these conflicts around the world just makes the life of ordinary citizens more difficult. Prices for oil, food and other stuff is going up continuously anyway, and any turmoils just accelerate this trend.

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